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Nigel Cabourn


This collection is created by a British designer, Nigel Cabourn, who is widely known also as a collector of vintage military uniforms, outdoor/expedition clothing and workwear. He gets inspirations for his design work from over 4,000 pieces of his vintage garments which he’s collected for over 30 years, and they are updated by his creation through the ages. It is very characteristic that Nigel himself splits his seasonal designs in two and gets a part of the collection produced mainly in the UK (Authentic Line) and the other part mainly in Japan (Main Line).

He selects styles for the Authentic Line when using European fabrics such as Harris Tweed, Ventile etc and/or when he wants them to be produced by British manufactures such as Mackintosh and Scottish knitting factories etc.

And the Main Line collection gives him the chance to produce a specialist collection based on Japanese fabrics and production techniques not available in UK.

This creates a unique situation where the two lines, Authentic and Main line, start with the same concept.